EXTRALINK 12 fibre aerial fiber optic cable 12J SM G652 D , 0.5KN with FRP, 2000 meters (EL-FO-12F-2000)

Order code: EL-FO-12F-2000
Quick code: #1853

Type of fibre: G.652.D, Diameter 5.5mm

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Cable type OKT(Optical Cable Central Tube Located) is designed for suspension and operation on poles overhead lines, urban electric transport and overhead power lines under the impact loads from wind, ice, temperature, and combinations thereof.

Cable packed on spool 2000 m.


Type of fiber optic: ITU-T G.652D  (9/125)
Attenuation at a reference wavelength - 1310 nm [dB/km]: 0.36
Attenuation at a reference wavelength - 1550 nm [dB/km]: 0.22
Chromatic Dispersion at a reference wavelength - 1310 nm/ 1550 nm [ps/(nm·km)]: 3.5/18
Number of optic fibers in the cable: 12
Cable diameter [mm]: 5.2±0.5
Cable weight [kg/km]: 22.04
Loose tube diameter [mm]: 2.0
Fiber reinforced plastic diameter [mm]: 1.2
Tensile strength during installation [kN]: 0.5
Crush resistance [N/100 mm]: 3000
Torsion - +/- 180 [cycles]: 10
Impact [Nm]: 5
Minimum bending radius, under/without force [mm]: 20/10 х cable diameter
Operating temperature [°С]: -40°С -+60°С
Storage temperature [°С]: -50°С -+60°С
Installation temperature [°С]: -10°С -+60°С
Cable length [km]: 2km