EXTRALINK 4 Core Fiber Optic Termination BOX BERTA (EL-TB-BERTA)

Order code: EL-TB-BERTA
Quick code: #2338

4 core fiber optic termination box with screws and adapters included. For application of FTTH

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  • This box could be used for wall-mounted and desktop-mounted applications
  • The base and cover of the box adopts "self-clip" method, which is easy and convenient to open and close
  • Could be used for adaptors such as SC,FC, etc:
  • The max capacity is 4 fibers

The installation and application:

1. According to the size of box size, drill the hole for M4 expand bolt.
2. Knocking the plastic expand bolt into the hole.
3. Fixing the box to wall with 4×25 screw thread bolt.
4. Cover the tray and terminal box


Environmental Temperature: -25°C~40°C
Max capacity: 4 fibers
Suitable types of fiber cables: 4 fibers indoor fiber cables