EXTRALINK FTTX Closure 2 trays 48 Core TINA (EL-FTTX-TINA-48)

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For professional fiber optics outdoor installations

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The Splice closure is an indispensable equipment used in Fiber Communication System, play the roles in sealing, protection, installation of fiber connector head and storage. It is applicale well in cable splicing and with the protection function on fiber optic connect head.

  • Can be used in stranght-through and branch application for cables of bunchy fiber and ribbon fiber
  • Suitable for aerial duct wall-mounted or buried applications
  • Mechanical seal and convenient to reopen
  • Trays can be increased and reduced according to the application
  • Perfect performance in sealing


Dimension [mm] : 400*200*140

No. of Cable Inlet/Outlet : One oval type Inlet, four outlet

Number of Fibers per Tray : 24(single core) Max. Number of Trays: 2

Max. Number of Fibers : 48