EXTRALINK FTTX Closure 2 trays 24 Core SUSAN (EL-FTTX-SUSAN-24)

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For professional outdoor installations

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The Splice closure is an indispensable equipment used in Fiber Communication System - sealing, protection, installation of fiber connector head and storage. It is applicable in cable splicing and with the protection function on fiber optic connect head.

  • Can be used in stranght-through and branch application for cables of bunchy fiber and ribbon fiber.
  • Suitable for aerial duct wall-mounted or buried applications.
  • Mechanical seal and convenient to reopen.
  • Trays can be increased and reduced according to the application.
  • Perfect performance in sealing.


Dimensions [mm]: 370*190*120
No. of Cable Inlet/Outlet: Two Inlets, Two Outlets
Number of Fibers per Tray: 12(single core)
Max. Number of Trays: 8
Max. Number of Fibers: 48(If overlap the splice sleeve, can be used as 96 core)