MIKROTIK RB/SXT G-2HnD (RouterOS Level 4)

MIKROTIK RouterBoard SXT G 2HnD dual polarized 10 dBi antenna MIMO (2x2), 60 degrees, 1600mW, Gigabit Lan port, L4 Router OS

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Mikrotik first complete AP/CPE for 2.4Ghz - SXTG2HnD! It's powerful 60 degrees 2x2 MIMO 10dbi sector antenna with 1600mW wireless on-board- you can use it as a Sector AP, to make wireless point-to-point links or as a CPE- whatever you prefer! It comes with L4 license, perfect for covering outdoor area for hotspot clients.

Unit is equipped with Gigabit Ethernet port, so customers can take full advantage of dual chain MIMO. It has the same form factor as our popular 5Ghz SXT model.

Package contains SXTG-2HnD, mounting loops, PoE injector, power adapter


CPU speed 400MHz
Architecture MIPS-BE
LAN ports 1
Gigabit Yes
MiniPCI 0
Integrated Wireless Yes
Wireless standards 802.11b/g/n
PoE 8-30V DC
Voltage Monitor Yes
CPU temperature monitor No
PCB temperature monitor Yes
Dimensions 140x140x56mm
Operating System RouterOS
Temperature range -30C to +80C
RouterOS License L4
Antenna gain 10dBi
Current Monitor No
TX power 32dBm
CPU AR7242
Max Power consumption Up to 7W

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