XIAOMI original cordless vacuum cleaner Roidmi F8

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Long batery life - up to 55 mins, Powerful engine, Lightweight machine - 1.5 kg, Low noise - 75dB (A)

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A lightweight vacuum cleaner with incredible power that will make you cleaning easier than ever.

With the handheld wireless vacuum cleaner Roidmi F8, your cleaning will literally be easier and more fun to do than you would ever expect.
The 100,000 rpm brushless digital motor and special brushes captures down-deep dirt from carpets, floor cracks, and within mattresses.

True feeling of freedom 

It's hard to put in words, the feeling of freedom you feel when you don't need to pull a vacuum cleaner after you and at the same time, be completely wireless.
To focus only at where you're going without ever having to look back.
This freedom without having to compromise on the end result, makes it unthinkable to go back to a normal vacuum cleaner.

Super lightweight design at only 1.5kg 

Thanks to its low weight, it's no longer a hassel to clean more and higher than before, resulting in a much nicer home environment.

The wireless design is perfect for your car 

It's easier than ever to keep you car clean, thanks to the wireless design and bundled accessories that helps you reach those tight spaces.

Always have you trusted vacuum cleaner close at hand 

Something that keeps a lot of people from cleaning their home is that first step of getting the cleaner out of the closet.
With a clever magnetic wall mount, Roidmi F8 will always stand nice and ready against the wall when there's a mess that needs to get cleaned.
There's no need to make holes for the wall mount and it can be removed without leaving any mark.

Vacuum bags are a thing of the past 

A vacuum bag doesn't only cost money but it will also degrade the vacuum cleaners performance with every use.
With Roidmi F8 it's both satisfying and free to empty the canister which will ensure that the cleaner is operating at its maximum capacity.

Stay updated with the APP 

The app gives you total control. It lets you know how many minutes of cleaning time you have left and gives the option to increase it by selecting a lower speed. 
It shows the quality of the air filters, when the canister needs emptying and it can even upgrade the cleaners software when there's a new update.
You can even see how many calories you've burned,  distance traveled and cleaned area in equivalence ta a basketball court.


Product name: Roidmi F8 - Cordless Vacuum

Model name: XCQ03RM

Rated Power: 380W

Motor speed: 100 000 RPM

Suction power: 115W

Wind Volume: 1100L/min

Wind Pressure: 18500 Pa

Battery Capacity: 2500mAH/72Wh

Net weight with Electric brush: Aprox 2.5kg

Electric brush R.power: 35W

Run time (standard/strong mode): Aprox 55min/10min

Charging time: Aprox 2.5 hours

Noise at Enhanced mode: 83dB (A)

Dust cup/canister size: 0.4L

Filter: Quadruple filtration system filtering particles up to 0.3 microns

Product size: 1191x259x158mm