TELTONIKA Power cable with 4-way screw terminal (058R-00229)

Order code: 058R-00229
Quick code: #1687

A Power cable with a 4-way screw terminal, used to power a Teltonika router as well as connect to a digital input/digital output

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Compatible with RUTX09, RUTX08, RUT230, RUT240, RUT850, RUT900, RUT950, RUT955 and some other Teltonika products


Input connector: 4-way screw terminal
Output connector: 4-pin, 3mm pitch
Cable: 4x0.129 mm2 (26 AWG), 2000 mm
RoHS Compliant: Yes

Color coding

1 Red - Power +
2 Black - Ground -
3 Green - Input/Output/NC
4 White - Input/Output/NC