Ubiquiti Edgepower EP-54V-150W-DC Secondary DC PSU

Order code: EP-54V-150W-DC
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UBIQUITI EdgePower Secondary DC PSU Module (EP-54V-150W-DC), Secondary DC Power Supply for EdgePower EP-54V-150W unit, can be used as backup PSU or for increasing the DC output power to 300W

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Optional power supply module for EdgePower 54V 150W, which has a secondary PSU module bay. The module is hot-swappable and may works as backup PSU or for increasing the DC output power to 300W. The secondary PSU may be configured as a backup PSU. In backup mode, the secondary PSU remains inactive and offline. If failure of the primary PSU is detected, the secondary PSU automatically activates to supply continuous power.


Power Method: DC/DC 150W for 22 - 60V Input, DC Terminal Block for 54V Output
Power Supply: DC/DC 150W for 22 - 60V Input
Supported Voltage Range: DC/DC for 22 - 60V Input, 54V Output
Battery Type: 2/3/4 Series Lead Acid Battery
Maximum Charging Voltage:
2 Series - 26.8 - 27.5V
3 Series - 40.2 - 41.2V
4 Series - 53.6 - 55V
Discharge Protection Voltage:
2 Series - 21.5V
3 Series - 32V
4 Series - 43V
Charging Current:
2 Series - 0.3A
3 Series - 0.3A
4 Series - 0.2A
LED: System On/Off
Operating Temperature: 0 to 40° C (32 to 104° F)
Operating Humidity: 10 to 90% RH
ESD/EMP Protection: Air ± 8KV; Contact ± 6KV
Certifications: CE, FCC, IC