Universal Mount for Nanostation, SXT, AirLive, TP-LINK, UbiBracket (UBI-BR)

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The holder can be attached to a pipe up to a diameter of 60mm

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UbiBracket Universal

The specially designed bracket is a great partner to your Nano CPE (customer premises equipment). Attaching it to the device takes less than 10 minutes, and it doesn’t require any technical expertise. It also works with RF Elements Staionboxes and other types of wireless and network devices.

Durable and Long Lasting

The UbiBracket Universal is made to last for a very long time in the outdoors. It is made of a very tough material that allows it to support Nano devices very well. Moreover, it’s coated with a special UV-resistant layer so it’s able to withstand intense amount of heat. It is further stabilized by attaching it to the closest area to the device’s center of gravity.

Various Setups to Choose From

There are different options on how the brackets can be used. They can be attached directly to the console or to the pole when you need some flexibility with height and more stability. You can also add this to the wall, especially if there is very limited space. All the parts you need are already included in the package. You can also modify the angle of the device to 90 degrees via the attached hinge.

Sleek Design

The UbiBracket Universal boasts a great combination of function and design. It is very sleek, sophisticated, and just as beautifully crafted as the Nano wireless devices it is supporting. In fact, it seamlessly integrates itself to the overall look because of its well-polished white finish. Creating an elegant wireless and networking system for your home and office has never been this easy and good.

UBI-BR replaces the folowing EOL products: NanoBracket for NSM NB-NSM; NanoBracket for LocoM NB-LOCO-M.


Product weight: 260 g

Metal mounting rings icluded.